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Road Side Assistance and Lockout

  Superior Towing provides roadside assistance for all car related needs.Our services are performed by skilled drivers in a safe, damage free manner.


We help you with:

  • Jump starting drained batteries.
  • Delivering fuel to empty gas tanks.
  • Getting flat tires changed.
  • Unlocking vehicles locked by mistake.
  • We fix broken cars; our mechanics are on duty all day long.
  • We sell used vehicles, and have a lineup of vehicles to choose from at our location.
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Apartment Services

Parking Maintenance

FQy80cm  Our specialties are customer service while providing damage free towing services. We strive to ensure you will be satisfied with your parking facilities, so your residents will be satisfied with their parking experience.

We work tirelessly all year long, regardless of whether classes are in session or not, making sure your parking management needs are met.

Worry Free Services We Offer

  • Parking facilities kept up to fire code: ensure mopeds are not stored on patios or parked on  sidewalks to keep passageways clear in case of an emergency
  • Remove cars parked in reserved and unauthorized spots, blocking other vehicles, double parked cars, etc.
  • Remove trespassing and abandoned vehicles from the business premises
  • As an added safety feature, we are on constant, randomiz...
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