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Parking Space Management


We provide superior parking space management services to residential communities and businesses of Gainesville, and have been University of Florida’s sole contractor for the past seven years.

We care about the communities we monitor, so to provide a smooth and trouble free service we remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long, with an on-site dispatcher present at all times. This makes us the only towing company in town which allows for immediate vehicle release.

Cars are ready for pick up as soon as the owner reaches our location, without delays. Simplifying the process further, we are the only company in town permitting over-the-phone credit card payments...

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History of Towing

History of Towing

An article in The Atlantic got me interested in creating this post.

Who knew that Chattanooga is the Birthplace of the towing industry!? It took one motivated man, dedicated to help improve what was at the time a service performed using a lot of man power, and taking up a lot more time and effort.

The need for towing services did not arise at the same time as gasoline automobile sales began. The first gasoline powered, USA built vehicles were commercially sold in 1896 by the Duryea Brother’s according to this article from

It took nearly 20 years since then for a towing vehicle to make an appearance in the USA. Ernest Holmes Sr. is touted with the original design and construction...

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