Park On The Fly

A New Approach To Parking


Superior Towing endeavors to bring new and innovative ideas to the community. We are pioneering a new approach to parking by implementing new technologies with our service: Park on the Fly.

The main focus of this service are simple and efficient parking reservations.

Our service is easily accessible through a web and app based software. For a reasonable fee, anyone equipped with a computer, tablet, or smart phone will be able to go online and reserve a parking spot near their destination.

Unlike the UF parking decals, we guarantee exclusively reserved parking spaces. The fees are hourly which means parking spots can be rented for the duration of a class, or just as long as needed. This means that if used all year long, our service costs less than half the price of a UF decal, while saving countless hours wasted on the possibility of locating parking.

The services and benefits offered by Park On The Fly are immense. Along with an advertising banner placed on our website, your business name will gain tremendous exposure, showcasing your location and proximity to campus/downtown, and will serve to reach out to your target demographic of potential renters.


Reserve Parking On The Go Using Your Smartphone!